Data Science Projects
Introducing a modern high-tech tool to increase the efficiency of the company. Data Science allows you to collect large amounts of data and put it at the service of business. You will be able to identify patterns that were not obvious before.

Get data to optimize working process and to achieve the financial health of the company.

Use math to make your business stronger!
Descriptive Analytics Solutions
  • Reporting for top managers and other decision makers.
  • Interactive Business Intelligence.
Diagnostic Analytics Solutions
  • Clusterization and classification of customers and products.
  • Data mining.
Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Time series forecasting
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) analysis.
  • Reliability analysis.
Prescriptive Analytics Solutions
  • Advertising buget optimization to maximize revenue.
  • Dynamic pricing for Walmart and Amazon sellers.
  • Optimization of inventory distribution across a sales network to maximize turnover.
Modern specialists all over the world use Data Science technologies to find the best solution and get ahead!

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Data Science Tasks Areas
Logistics & Production
● Quality analysis: how to distinguish the natural variability in product quality from the signal of a systemic problem?

● Rating of suppliers based on quality, terms, assortment, prices and other parameters.

● Stock optimization.

● Classification of assortment items according to their importance to the company.

● Testing hypotheses about the impact of small changes on business results, separating patterns from accidents.
Marketing, Sales, CRM
● What will be the dynamics of market saturation with a new product?

● Clustering (grouping) of clients. The results of this analysis can be used for personalized marketing messages, for individual discount programs, for targeted advertising, etc.

● Studying the spread of preferences of each client: for example, someone always buys the same brand, and someone is experimenting or indifferent to the brand.

● Analysis of the relationship of gender and age with customer preferences.

● Calculation of Customer Lifetime Value for decisions about the reasonable cost of acquiring or the consequences of losing a customer.
● Forecasting income for the next month, depending on past data, sick leave and vacations, receivables, etc.

● Selection of the optimal investment portfolio.
Human Resources Management
● Calculation of the probability of dismissal of an employee.

● Search for interrelations of efficiency (KPI) of employees' work with their salary, loyalty and other indicators.

● Automatically assign ratings to candidates based on their likely fit for the job.
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