Financial Assistant
A comprehensive tool for operational analysis of the effectiveness of the company's business processes based on the available data from accounting systems using the best world practices for subsequent management and control.

Get support for effective management.
Drive your business to the top!
Information support of the company's management, which carries out operational and business strategy.
Expected Results
All operating and management systems of the company are placed on one monitor.
Additional Profit
Identification of relationships, predicting the results using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Top european project leaders already manage financial and production systems on the same monitor.

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A Modern Visual Data Tool for The Company's Financial Health
The dashboard allows you to simultaneously monitor the dynamics of sales and compare results by region. It's becomes easier to identify the most profitable groups of customers or the most profitable areas of activity. The relationship between asset categories and the efficiency of their use is clearly presented.

You can also compare indicators for the entire period of the company's work from the moment the software was installed.
Who Uses Financial Assistant?
Financial Assistant is a universal system that will speed up the work of small, medium and even large businesses with a turnover of more than 100,000 euros per year.
Choose Dashboard You Need To Start
You can choose one or more of the options provided. BIVIAR Partners can offer you a unique option, based on work tasks.
1. Dashboard
"The geography of the company's influence"
Visualization the geography of regional offices and company services.

Analysis of the profitability of clients or the effectiveness of representatives / referrals.

Example of key risks:
1. Slow coverage tempo.
2. The low efficiency of some representative offices will go unnoticed.
3. Lost profit due to regions poorly covered by the company's services.
2. Dashboard
"Transactions Overview"
1. What future profitability and profit can we count on?
2. How well are we prepared for unexpected situations in certain sectors of the economy or with large clients (diversification)?

An example of a key risk: low diversification ("all eggs in one basket"), unpreparedness for surprises when the market changes.
BIVIAR Partners are ready to implement Financial Assistant to higher up your level of management experience.
Simple Steps To Start
Make a list of all IT-systems, applications and programms you use to keep financial data.
It's ok to have Excel on that list ;)
Identify the key problems of your business that you are solving slowly, with difficulties or
can't find a solution at all.
Contact us as soon as possible so we can help you to find the best solution.
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