Walmart Repricer
Introducing an AI-powered solution
based on
to help merchants determine the best price
to get the most value at the current time.

Get your competitors' prices and compete online.
Make winning pricing decisions!
The use of artificial intelligence allows you to receive data instantly, compare and optimize prices by category, brand and commodity items.
Open Dynamics
We have replaced static spreadsheets and introduced product range and pricing dynamics that are not available to the client's competitors. You will be able to switch between targets to determine your pricing strategy.
Top Position
Repricer allows you to get the greatest benefit in the price competition, armed with automated complex pricing analysis.
The merchants of the world's largest retail chain have already entrusted their business to BIVIAR's latest development to provide price analysis.

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Use Flexible Pricing Strategies Created By Artificial Intelligence To Get Competitive Advantage
By accumulating data, tracking and analyzing prices and pricing history of competing retailers, BIVIAR Repricer provides a clear view of the advantageous position in the market in real time. Use our data-driven pricing solution and insights to offer your customers the best deals while remaining profitable. With our AI-powered pricing analytics, you can switch between multiple pricing strategies for maximum flexibility and adjust your prices effectively.
Take Real-Time Scanning Advantage
AI data-scanning algorithms provide competitively priced analysis software so you get exactly the information. No need to go through thousands of different datasets manually. BIVIAR Repricer software identifies eligible competing products by classifying to various attributes and matching them to products similar to it online. Get notified when items are out of stock, when prices change, and where traffic comes from. With the world's largest data set, you can leverage comprehensive competitive pricing information.
User-Friendly Price Dynamics Dashboard
Stay up to date on competitor prices and product movements with the customizable BIVIAR Repricer dashboard. With data refresh rate, in just 10 seconds, get all the information about prices, price changes, competitor products in stock and out of stock, discounts in a single, unified, easy-to-read dashboard and optimize your prices to immediately taken advantage of market movements.

The BIVIAR Repricer system can be used by e-commerce executives and retail decision makers.
BIVIAR Partners are ready to implement Walmart Reprecier experience to your project.
Key Steps to Start Repricer
Data Collection
It is important to use all possible sources of information where competitors place their current prices: video recording of monitors, tables on the Internet. Data collection can be organized both locally - in a particular city or region, and globally - with a global source of information.

Software Development
BIVIAR Engineers will set up the program in such a way that it will determine the actual prices of competitors, set the minimum and maximum price limits, offer a convenient mechanism for loading large lists, save the archive and calculate the optimal cost of goods.

Software response time to make a pricing decision is 1 minute or less.
Smart Price Management
An analytical tool BIVIAR Repricer can be used to find the best price. Also you can fully automate the system of price regulation.

BIVIAR Repricer can independently manage prices within the specified limits and automatically show the best prices to your customers.
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